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Lorcan Loughrey
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Lorcan Loughrey


British / Basingstoke, Hampshire

Favourite Stroke



After competing at National level and studying sport academically, Lorcan moved on to become Assistant Coach to London 2012 Olympic Swimmers Joe Roebuck, Caitlin McClatchey, Melanie Nocher, Laurent Carnol, Amy Smith and Paralympic Swimmer Emma Hollis. After his time at Loughborough, he moved to London to pursue his career in swimming further. Lorcan was recruited by Saxon Crown Swimming Club to turn their programme around, and led the team to 3rd Place in the Arena League – compared to previous years 8th Place (2014), coached a swimmer to become County Champion in 50m, 100m and 200m Butterfly (2015), coached 2 swimmers to Qualify for the ASA British Nationals (2015), coached 4 swimmers to Qualify for ASA English Nationals (2015) and coached a Disability Swimmer Multi-Classification S9 to Qualify and Final in ASA English Nationals (2015/16). Lorcan moved on to become Project Manager for Red Top’s multimedia database involving the use of multi-angle video to present drills for athlete development.

Why Swimming

My parents got me in the water at 6 Months, so I can’t really think of a time when I wasn’t swimming. Growing up with swimming was just normal, and I was always known as being the swimmer or dolphin-boy. There were other sports I took to County and National level, such as Triathlon, Football, Squash, but home was always swimming. Water has always been another world, and one that I could make what I wanted it to be - fun, challenging, calming, exciting - so it was always something I could go to and get what I wanted out of it.

Major Sporting Achievements

National Swimmer for Hampshire North (50 & 100m Freestyle and 50 & 100m Butterfly)
National Triathlete for Team Bath
Captain of Inter-Regional Triathlon Championships Team