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Egor Tropeano
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Egor Tropeano


Italian / Cosenza, Italy

Favourite Stroke



As a former Italian international swimmer, sport has always been a major part of Egor’s life. He’s followed the black line for many more hours than the average swimmer and has experienced many highs and lows of the sport. Dedication to training goals, sleep patterns, nutritional targets and strength & conditioning as well as discipline regarding socialising, led him to enjoy significant success at a national level and represent his country in the 200 breaststroke at international meetings. Clearly he enjoys the practical side of swimming but also the theory – stroke mechanics in particular. Having seen many of his peers fall off the training wagon by either being burnt-out, losing interest or being pushed to the side-line, he has a true passion for coaching and helping swimmers of all abilities, so they can stay in the sport and achieve their own personal goals.

Why Swimming

Swimming is a pure sport - like athletics – there is nowhere to hide as there are no other team members to “carry” you if you’re underperforming one day! You don't need any highly technical equipment or a huge amount of money to get started and train, but just passion and the right attitude. What you put in is positively correlated to what you get out – it’s just you and the water.

Major Sporting Achievements

Set 73 Regional Records in different age categories and events

Attendances at National Swim Championships

Attendances at International Swim Meetings

Attendances at National Triathlon Meetings

PB - 1500 Free – 16:00

PB - 200 Breast – 2:19