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Red Top Group Sessions & Sicily Training Camp

When a back injury threw ali sporting plans out of the window in March 2010 my exercise was limited to swimming only and a friend introduced me to Peter and Tim. I had fond memories of being a competent swimmer 20 years ago but the truth was somewhat different, my technique was non-existent and a couple of lengths would leave me gasping for air.

I have never come across any swimming coaching quite like Red Top Swim. Not only is it uniquely taught both in and out of the pool with great technical insight, it's physically challenging but delivered in a highly enjoyable and personable way and followed up with encouragement, tips and advice.

The quality of the coaching is so good it means you will exceed your swimming goals and it's open to everyone of all abilities from those coming back after injury like me, right up to those with the highest goals in the sport. Swimming is now a big part of my sporting life and it really has been a life-enriching process along the way. Don't look any further for first class coaching.


Chris Howard