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1:1 Coaching Sessions

I wanted to send you a line to really say thank you to Red Top Swim and in particular thanks to Matt who has been coaching me 1:1.
As you may remember I started swimming late (r) than most in life, in my mid 30’s.  I had a great few years when I competed at triathlon and then had my two children.  I have been swimming with Matt for a couple of years now and he has quietly and effectively improved my swimming and increased my enthusiasm and enjoyment of the sport no end.
Today for the first time ever I achieved 100 metres in 1:38 (albeit with a pull buoy). Perhaps not an Olympic standard or even especially impressive time for some folks, but for me a massive sense of achievement. I was averaging 100 metre repeats at 2:30 ten years ago.  So I am delighted to feel I have improved and that things are still possible.
Each lesson is different and Matt most certainly has different ideas and concepts to continue to help me work on my technique all the time. He is a great teacher and I look forward to continuing to work with him. Who knows... maybe one day I will perfect my “just flip” in my tumble turns and arms out in my butterfly.  

Liz Watson